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Our physicians are committed to providing patients with innovative cardiovascular medicine and to maintaining a heart-healthy community. They continually push the boundaries for the best clinical outcomes as evidenced by their results and awards. You can rest assured that you’re being treated by experienced physicians.

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Dr. Balshi My Promise

“Patients often assume if they see a surgeon they’ll automatically need surgery. But that’s not always the case.

At The Vascular Center at St. Luke’s University Health Network, a conservative approach is often our first approach. Many patients will benefit from risk factor modification, smoking cessation, medication optimization and exercise programs.

Here at St. Luke’s, we have the tools to make the correct decision for each patient, whether it’s a conservative or minimally invasive approach or an open bypass or aneurysm repair. When we see a new patient, my colleagues and I first confirm the diagnosis and then determine the best treatment. When intervention is required we will look for minimally invasive options first. In all cases, the treatment is personalized to each patient based on his or her age and overall health.

One of the distinguishing features of St. Luke’s University Health Network is its status as an international GE Healthcare Super Show Site. This prestigious designation means our physicians partner with GE engineers to create new imaging technologies that allow for better diagnosis and treatment of vascular problems. It’s a partnership that allows us to offer patients cutting-edge imaging techniques.

Our patients have access to technology and treatment options that are found at large academic medical centers, right here in their own community. My promise is that they will receive the highest level of care, an exceptional experience and the best possible outcomes.”

James D. Balshi, MD, FACS
Vascular Surgeon
Medical Director, The Vascular Center at St. Luke’s

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“The St. Luke’s Heart & Vascular Center provides the full gamut of endovascular and open surgical vascular approaches. We particularly focus on utilizing conservative measures as well as collaborating with cardiologists and cardiac surgeons to provide comprehensive cardiovascular treatment to our patients. We provide care for any and all vascular disease conditions including abdominal aortic aneurysms, carotid artery disease, deep vein thrombosis, renal arterial occlusive disease, stroke and varicose veins. Additionally, we perform dialysis access procedures.

We start with a conservative approach and create the most appropriate and individualized care. Once a diagnosis has been identified, frequently the first treatment choice is medical management, followed by a minimally invasive endovascular procedure. As a GE Super Show Site, we have access to the latest imaging systems and the ability to refine diagnoses and make proper treatment decisions.

In addition to our office locations, The Vascular Center has several conveniently located vascular laboratories and a comprehensive vascular screening program. The screening program provides critical access to noninvasive diagnostic ultrasounds tests for abdominal aortic aneurysms, peripheral artery disease, carotid artery disease and stroke. Vascular screening exams — which are inexpensive — can identify vascular disease before problems occur, helping prevent life or limb threatening complications. Our labs allow patients to conveniently continue a regular course of surveillance following a vascular intervention. Essentially, we will monitor a patient’s vascular system on a periodic basis forever, while working hand-in-hand with the patient’s primary care doctor.

My promise is that patients of The Vascular Center will receive the kind of expertise, as well as state-of-the-art imaging and vascular screening, traditionally available only at world-renowned medical centers.”

Jay B. Fisher, MD
Vascular Surgeon

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Raymond Durkin, MD

“It’s quite an accomplishment to be named as one of the 50 Top Cardiovascular Hospitals* in the United States, something of which I am extremely proud. St. Luke’s University Health Network has achieved this elite status six times in recent years, which speaks to our continued efforts and success of providing outstanding cardiovascular care to our community.”

Top 50 hospitals are chosen by Truven Health Analytics for their superior clinical outcomes, including lower mortality rates and lower readmission rates. This achievement is a testament to our physicians and staff — the people who have dedicated their lives to providing patients with extraordinary heart care.

The St. Luke’s Heart & Vascular Center is recognized as a leader in treating patients with myocardial infarctions and heart failure. In addition, we have many clinical programs and services to treat practically any heart problem, including a well-respected center for atrial fibrillation, a specific focus on heart valve disorders and a women’s heart center that is led by a team of female cardiologists.

A team of doctors — including cardiac surgeons, electrophysiologists, interventional cardiologists and noninvasive cardiologists — collaborates within their own specialties and across medical fields to ensure the care of each patient is not only state-of-the-art, but also appropriately tailored to each individual’s case.

Heart patients at St. Luke’s benefit from a culture that encourages teamwork among the many specialists found here. Although we may be from different areas of medicine, we come together to care for patients as one. My promise to patients is to offer the same level of extraordinary heart care that is found at the nation’s top-ranked medical centers.

Raymond Durkin, MD
Chief of Cardiology

*Prior to 2012, the award recognized the 100 Top Cardiovascular Hospitals

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Olenchock, MD

Heart surgery is a rapidly changing field of medicine that has become much less invasive in recent years. The cardiac surgery program at St. Luke’s University Health Network offers our patients a wide range of treatment options that include minimally invasive approaches to heart surgery. Such advanced techniques improve patient safety, speed recovery times and reduce pain.

At the St. Luke’s Heart & Vascular Center, we’re continually investing in education and training so that we can offer many of these minimally invasive procedures, some of which used to be only available at large academic medical centers. This means our patients can stay close to home for surgery and be confident that they are receiving the most advanced care possible.

St. Luke’s was an early provider of transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR) — a minimally invasive method of replacing a damaged aortic heart valve. Now in our third year of performing this innovative procedure, many of our patients have seen dramatic improvements in their quality of life.

Another breakthrough technology now in use at St. Luke’s is our hybrid operating room, which can handle a wide variety of procedures all in one location. This state-of-the-art room allows us to provide patients, who have persistent atrial fibrillation, with a new, minimally invasive treatment called hybrid ablation — available at only a few centers in the U.S.

It’s my promise to patients that our team will provide extraordinary heart care by offering them access to the latest research and innovative, less-invasive procedures.

Stephen Olenchock, DO
Chief of Cardiovascular Surgery

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